Bandung Museums

The museums of Bandung Museums offer among the best strategies to familiarise yourself with this part of West Java and find out about a few of the events that have shaped its history. One such cultural attraction within the city is the Conference (Konperensi) Museum, which is dedicated to the famous Asian-African (Afro-Asian) Conference, held here in 1955, and is frequently also referred to as the Bandung Conference.

The Army Museum is also very much of notice and full of military memorabilia, while to get something very different, the Bandung Geological (Geologi) Museum makes for a fascinating way to pass the time. Indoors, the absolute quantity of exhibits is nearly overwhelming, with over 300,000 different stones, minerals, and fossils alone.

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Address: Jalan Asia Afrika, Bandung, Indonesia, ID

The Museum Konperensi remembers the way the Asian-African Conference helped to promote both the cultural and economic relations between the two nations. This conference was deemed to be an excellent success and incorporated some essential principles from the UN Charter, such as promoting world peace wherever possible. The Museum Konperensi is located within the Freedom Building (Museum Konperensi). The collection of exhibits consist of detailed photographs of the actual meeting, showing famous Third-World leaders, like Ho Chi Minh and Chou En-Lai.


Address: Jalan Lembong 38, Bandung, Indonesia, ID

Just a short distance to the north of the Gedung Merdeka, the Army Museum celebrates the intriguing history and achievements of the West Java Siliwangi Division. Many well-preserved historical weapons and military artifacts are on display here, documenting the regions past struggle for independence.


Address: Jalan Diponegoro 57, Bandung, Indonesia, ID

Situated on the Jalan Diponegoro and close to the Gedung Sate (Regional Government Building), the Geological Museum is to be found position within the impressive headquarters of the esteemed Dutch Geological Service. Aside from the unlimited rocks and fossils, other highlights include a model skull out of’Java Man’ and in-depth volcanic displays, that are spread out over the three main exhibition rooms. As you approach the Geological Museum, you’ll probably be struck by its own stylish Art Deco appearance, because it dates from the late 1920s.


Address: Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Indonesia, ID

Philatelists everywhere will enjoy spending time at the town’s intriguing Museum Prangko. Standing on the north-easterly corner of the town’s Gedung Sate (Regional Government Building), this attraction houses tens of thousands of stamps, not only by Indonesia but from all around the globe. You’ll also find some old post boxes and wooden pushcarts, utilized throughout the past colonial period.

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